Advertising Service, Policy and Pricing


An ad's run period is daily.

If you don't have an ad ready then use the Big Ad Builder page for ads in the upper left corner or the Small Ad Builder page for the three ads contained within the links.

We offer a flat-fee price. There are no pay per click or pay per impression fees.

Your ad may be seen over 2000 times in one day; take a look at our view counter on the main page. We do not guarantee how many times your advertisement will be seen by our readers nor by any click count our readers execute on your advertisement.


The ad must submitted prior to approval.

Ads will be reviewed for consistency with advertising policy and what our readers are looking for.

No use of superlatives, unprovable claims or competitive comparison claims.

Absolutely no penny stock advertising.


Location On Page Ad Size Monthly Weekly Daily Ad Builder
Top left corner space (Gold box)350X300$110.(USD) $29.(USD) $7.(USD) Build Big Ad
Higher on page; middle column space (Blue box)320x50$70.(USD)$18.(USD)$4.(USD) Build Small Ad
Middle of page; left column space (Red box)320x50$62.(USD)$16.(USD)$3.(USD) Build Small Ad
Lower on page; right column space (Black box)320x50$54.(USD)$14.(USD)$2.(USD) Build Small Ad

Contact If you used the ad builder make sure you include the generated output with your contact information.

Pricing subject to change and availability. Prices stated in U.S. Dollars

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