Bullish On Most Sectors For Next 2 Weeks.

This past week was bullish, thanks to the latest gift from the government. If you follow my text blog, you know that I recommend purchasing retail-related ETFs for the next several weeks because of the bailout. enter image description here Let's take a look at the chart based on what the models see for the next 6 weeks, and like last weekend's chart, the numbers are neutral. The highest number numbers are in the low sixes, and they appear in the first five days. A strong buy number would be 7.5 or higher. As for bearish numbers, the lowest is in the low 3's at about 4 weeks out, and those numbers too are not very strong. A strong sell number would be 2.5 or lower.

Next week should continue to be positive, and that positiveness should continue through the end of the month.

As usual, the weak sell signs are in bonds, metals & miners, and real estate.

Author: joe