Models Remain Bearish To Neutral

Last week I was looking for this past week to be somewhat flat. Looking at the DOW chart, it was until very late on Friday afternoon.
enter image description here Let's take a look at the chart based on what the models see for the next six weeks, and the models continue to be on the bearish side. I consider this to be a relatively bearish chart.

Just like last week - for the next five days, there are no numbers in the sixes. So I consider further selling at least through the entire week. I am not looking for any improvement. enter image description here

As usual, I will avoid the Bond sector, Metals & Miners, Emerging Markets, and Real Estate.

Bottom line- for all sectors, the models have turned bearish for the next six weeks. I run similar models for my retirement accounts with Fidelity Funds, and those models, too, are more bearish and neutral than bullish.

Author: joe