Tech and Real Estate On Top

Looking at last night's chart, we can see that the models have started to turn more green which means more to the bull side. enter image description here The Technology sector has the best prospect, which should occur in 26 to 30 days. The computed average is 6.37, which I regard being just slightly bullish. The estimated best ETF in that sector for that period is $USD.enter image description here Next is the Real Estate sector, with a better than average forecast in 26 to 29 days. The estimated top ETF in this sector for the period is $URE.enter image description here

In contrast, the Metals & Miners sector has a poor outlook in the 6 to 9 day period; The computed average is 3.48, which I view as not too bearish. In this sector, $DGP may have the worst results.enter image description here

Author: joe