Real Estate on Top and Financial Falls

Looking at last night's chart, we can see that the models have started to turn paler from last week's more bullish green. Please note that the chart still has more green cells than red cells but the green cells are not as strong.enter image description here

The Real Estate sector has the best outlook, which should occur in 26 to 29 days. The estimated best ETF in that sector for that period is $URE.

In contrast, the Financial sector has an underperforming outlook in the 22 to 25 day period. Over the past several weeks, the Financial sector was the leading bullish sector, so this is an interesting turn. In this sector, $KRE may have the lowest results. Coming in second with a weak outlook is the Metals & Miners sector in 12 to 15 days, with the ETF $SGOL expected to finish the lowest in this group.

Author: joe