Health Care and Real Estate On Top But Watch Out Q's

Looking at last night's chart, we see that the models are slightly worse than the previous week's numbers. The overall average is 4.59, which is down from last week's 4.69. enter image description here Following up with last week's take on the Qs. The bearish numbers are five days closer as expected, which is three weeks away. enter image description here As you can see, QQQ, QLD, and TQQQ have numbers below 4.5, indicating selling during days eleven through sixteen. And there is confirmation from SQQQ in the same period with its bullish green numbers. But, and it is a big but, looking out at days twenty through thirty, all of these ETFs are very, very bearish. So the signals are muddled, or we should expect some exciting times ahead.

Back to last night's chart. The Health Care sector has the best overall outlook for the next 30 trading days with an average score of 5.67. And the Health Care sector has a good short-term prospect, which should occur in 22 to 25 days. The computed average is 6.32. The estimated best ETF in that sector for that period is $XLV. enter image description hereNext is followed by the Real Estate sector with a better than average forecast in 14 to 17 days. The estimated top ETF in this sector for the period is $DRN.enter image description here

In contrast, the Technology sector has the worst overall outlook for the next 30 trading days, with an average score of 3.76. Also, the Technology sector has an underperforming outlook in the 11 to 14 day period; The computed average is 2.38. In this sector, $USD may have the lowest results. enter image description here

Author: joe