After Friday's Crash The Commodities Sector Is The Top Picks

Let's look at last night's sector strength chart based on the related ETF averages; the models' predictions are higher than the previous week's numbers. The six-week average is at 5.01; the previous week's average was 4.9.enter image description here The higher number is a surprise to me because of the market sell-off on Friday.

The Commodities sector has a positive forecast for the next 30 trading days, with an average score of 5.88. And the Commodities sector has a good short-term prospect, which should occur in 23 to 29 days. The computed average is 7.10. The estimated top ETF in that category for that period is $UYM.enter image description here

No sector is showing any long-term bearish signals. The Energy sector has a poor prospect in the 7 to 15 day period; the computed average is 3.56. In this sector, $XES may have the lowest results. enter image description here

Author: joe