The Tech Sector Is The Top Pick

Before I get into the charts, I want to let you know that subscribers to the report are now getting a new file. I extrapolate ETF estimated prices from the strength numbers generated by the Expectation models. This new file show estimated closing prices for each of the ETFs I track.
enter image description here Let's look at last night's ETF strength chart; the models' predictions are barely unchanged from the previous week's numbers. The six-week average is almost neutral at 4.90; the last week's average was 4.91.
enter image description here The Technology sector has a positive forecast for the next 30 trading days, with a strength score of 5.50. And the Technology sector has the best short-term prospect, which should occur in 3 to 7 days. The computed average is 6.45. The estimated top ETF in that category for that period is $SOXL.enter image description here Next is followed by the Real Estate sector with a better than average forecast in 26 to 30 days. The computed average is 6.27. The estimated best ETF in this sector for the period is $DRN.enter image description here

No sector shows any long term-bearish indication. For short-term spikes, the Biotech sector has a poor prospect in the 7 to 13 day period; the computed average is 3.36. In this sector, $BIB enter image description heremay have the worst results. Coming in second with a weak prospect is the Health Care sector for the same period. The computed average is 3.55. The models expect the ETF $CURE enter image description hereto finish the lowest in this group. Note that the chart has both $BIB and $CURE finishing strong in the latter part of December.

Author: joe