Markets Overall Sectors In Particular

Wait Until August

Based on the corresponding ETF averages, let’s look at last night’s sector strength chart; the overall average remains a solid bearish value of 3.12.

A review of the individual charts has only two charts interesting to me; they are Biotechnology and Health Care. What catches my eye is that they both show moderate bullishness at the start of August. Here is Biotech with an overall average of 4.16. See the dip in the second week of July; the models predict its strength to the bullish side from there. Likewise, Health Care has a weaker average of 3.12, showing a similar pattern. As for the rest of the sectors, Energy has an average of 3.62 and shows a flat pattern. Precious Metals and Miners follow Energy with an average of 3.5. Next is Non-US stocks with a computed score of 3.27. This is followed by Commodities, averaging a value of 3.22, with a predicted up-trend line. Bonds are up next with a value of 2.95. Then Real Estate at 2.85. Technology moves up to the tenth slot with a computed value of 2.8. Slipping into eleventh is the Consumer sector with a score of 2.62. Then US Stocks at 2.56. And finally, the Financial sector finishes the group with a low score of 2.48.

So all thirteen sectors tracked by the models remain bearish.

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