Markets Overall

The Models Expect One More Bullish Week For The Stock Market.

Let’s look at last night’s sector strength chart; the overall average has improved to 4.12 from the previous week’s 3.98 If you watched last week’s video, you know the models called for the markets to be up this past week, and this coming week. Well, so far, so good.

The Emerging Markets sector has the worst overall average, scoring 3.58. The Precious Metals & Miners sector has an underperforming prospect. The computed strength is 3.76. The models are looking for positive pop next week, followed by a continuous downtrend through August and the first week of September.

The Energy sector has the best overall score of 5.14 and a good short-term prospect, which should occur in 8 to 11 days scoring 6.29. The Biotechnology chart is still the only chart showing an uptrend. The problem with the trend is that it remains in the bearish zone for most of the 30 days. It does get bullish the first week of September.

So, like the past three weeks, the models expect a downside to the markets through August.

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