Markets Overall

Despite The End Of Week Bounce, The Models Remain Bearish

A good recovery in the markets from Wednesday on. I didn’t expect that to happen. The models suggest that the buying should continue on Monday and maybe into Tuesday. But for the overall 30-day period, the models remain fully in the bear camp. Friday night’s numbers show the overall average up slightly at 3.69 from last week’s 3.46. And like last week’s, no sectors show an average in the bullish zone. The bullish zone Sept 10 2022is above 4.5.

For the second week in a row, the Biotech sector has the best 30-day score; but it is a bearish 4.29. The models are still predicting some good numbers this week and early October. The models expect the Real Estate sector to perform well over the next two to three weeks.

The sector with the worst score is Commodities. With an average of 2.88, I don’t expect much good news coming out of that sector for the next six weeks. And the Technology sector is showing bearish numbers for most of the 30 days in the study.

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