Markets Overall

Four Sectors That May Be Buys.

Looking at the overall 30-day period, the models have gotten bullish. This week the average is 4.11; last week, it was 3.53. For the first time in several weeks, there are sectors in the bullish zone, four to be exact.

The sector with the highest score is Biotechnology, with an average of 5.29, well above the neutral mark of 4.5. Except for Monday and Tuesday, all averages are green or bearish. And like last week, Health Care is showing bullish numbers through the middle of November. Its 30-day average is 4.72. The two other bullish sectors are Energy, scoring 4.68, and Precious Metals and Miners, with a score of 4.61.

Finally, the Bond sector returns to the bottom of the list with a score of 3.03.

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