Markets Overall

Post-Election Post-CPI Expectations.

The post-election and post-CPI report has sent the markets soaring to only 7% of their all-time high. And as a result of the higher numbers, the models have gotten more positive. The overall average is 4.68, and is in the bullish zone for the first time in several months.

The Energy sector, a leader in these charts for a long time, has fallen to near the bottom. The Energy sector score is 4.22, ranking it second to worse.

The models expect the Commodities sector to perform the worst. Its average score is 4.22.

The US Stock market has the best overall score coming in at 5.19. The models expect the US Markets to perform well in the first week of December.

Surprisingly to me, coming in second is the Real Estate sector, with a score of 5.06. The estimated best period for Real Estate is next week.

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