Still Anticipating End Of June Swoon But Then Going Full Throttle

Like a race car driver going into a turn, this market's drivers will be tapping on the brakes prior to the quarterly turn in 2 weeks. The end of the quarter will see some "window dressing" and then I anticipate a long straight-a-way through July.

Maybe it has something to do with the second wave of the Chinese virus presently going on.

Sector 30 Day Outlook

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Overall - It's A Change Down For Next 2 Trading Weeks

A lot more yellows and oranges showing up for the remainder of June. Last night's report has more light greens for the days leading up to July but as you see those light green numbers are gone. I'll assume the brakes are being applied to lead us to a summer swoon.

Sectors - As Of June 12

The bright spot is that tech and financials still have some light green numbers 4 to 5 weeks out.

Scale - 0 (very strong sell (red)) - 9 (very strong buy (green)

The report is available at look for the link to download the sample Short Term Trader Report.

Financials Still Look Good, But So Does Tech

As posted earlier today the Financial sector is looking very positive 4 to 5 weeks out. What popped up with this evening's report is Technology. It too looks healthy in the 30-day outlook.

30 Day Sector Outlook

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From the report this is what $TECL could look like over the next 30 days. $TECL 30 Day Estimate

And while Real Estate has some poor numbers in the 10 to 18-day range. R.E. shows the highest buy indicator at day 23

Looking Out 5 Weeks - Financials Are Favorable

While the 30 Day Outlook has a lot of green for the next several days what catches my eye is the green numbers from day 22 through 25 for the Financial sector.

30 Day Outlook

Above is the Sector 30 Day Outlook from my subscriber's report. A value of 0 is considered a very strong sell, a value of 9 is considered a very strong buy.

And likewise, I am going to avoid real estate ETFs due to the orange-red numbers 14 to 17 days out.