Models Continue To Call For Overall Market Downturn.

So last week's bearish call for market index ETFs continues. Financials and energy prices may do poorly too. The downtrend should last another 7 trading days which ends on the Friday of the first full week of August.

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Precious Metals & Miners still look like the best alternative.

Real Estate has some good numbers but for only a few days.

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I Am Looking For An Overall Market Drop in 2 Weeks.

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Based on the spreadsheet above the period between 6 days out and 14 days out shows possible weakness across the board. It's not a very strong weakness signal. enter image description here Keep an eye on both Energy and Financials with more red than others in the 6-14 day period. Though the Financial sector has the highest reading (7.2) on day 17.

As usual, Technology continues to show strong possibilities for the overall 30 market day period.