6 Week Sector Outlook Focus on Health Care

The Health Care sector has the greatest outlook in the 15 to 24 day period. The estimated best ETF in that sector for the mentioned period is $XHS. Next is followed by the Financial sector with a better than average forecast for the same period. The estimated best ETF in this sector for that period is $FAS. enter image description here

Going Short

FWIW, I purchased $FAZ and $SQQQ in the pre-market this morning. So technically, I am shorting the financial sector and the general market.

As of 10 AM, this was not a good idea.

As of 11 AM, the same.

So my $FAZ purchase lost 3.82%. $SQQQ lost 1.41%. We'll see what tomorrow brings. No matter what happens they will be sold on Tuesday.

Did Anyone $NAIL It?

Since the March "market-crash" due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Home Builder sector has been robust. There is a leveraged ETF $NAIL that is a 3x of that sector. $NAIL has had a meteoric climb (900%) since the end of March. Look at the chart again; it shows that it is still down almost 50% since the beginning of this year.i

I guess it is Just another case of coulda-woulda-shoulda-didn't. $NAIL

I don't track $NAIL in the Short Term Trader Report due to its low volume.