The Financial Sector Continues To Have The Best Outlook

I see more green in today's chart, so the models indicate a more bullish future, at least for the next six trading weeks. What stands out most to me is how the technology sector has fallen out of favor. enter image description here The Financial sector continues to have the best outlook, which should occur in the 19 to 22 day period. The estimated top ETF in that category for the same period is $FAS, Direxion's 3x Leveraged Financial Bull ETF. Also, keep a bullish eye on the Commodities Sector, Health Care Sector, U.S. Market Index Sector, and Global Market Index Sector.

On the sell side, the Real Estate sector has the most underperforming outlook in the 24 to 27 day period; in this sector, $IYR, iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF, may have the worst results. Coming in second with a weak view is the Biotech sector early next week and during the first 2 weeks of June, with the ETF $BIB, Proshare's Ultra BioTech, expected to finish the worst in this group.