FCG - That Call Didn't Work

Along with the rest of the market, $FCG was down. $FCG itself was down 1.5%.

Referring back to this morning's post - even with all 6 models calling for an up day - they were wrong.

I did say that the 1-day calls are usually wrong. I did expect it to go up.

$FCG - First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas

From last night's ETF Expectation's report, $FCG scored a perfect 9. That means all 6 models gave this ETF the highest bullish move. The call is just for today, and as a caveat, out of the 30 days of calls - the next day's call is known to be the worst call of all. But when all the models make the same call for a particular day, it should be considered very strong. A perfect 9 score is seldom seen, so let's pay attention and see how it pans out.

And for what it's worth, the next day's score for $FCG is 8.2. So there should be some carry-over.

Also, note that this ETF is at a 6 month high.

The average percentage change for a 9 call on $FCF is approximately 4%.