Models Remain Bearish To Neutral

Last week I was looking for this past week to be somewhat flat. Looking at the DOW chart, it was until very late on Friday afternoon.
enter image description here Let's take a look at the chart based on what the models see for the next six weeks, and the models continue to be on the bearish side. I consider this to be a relatively bearish chart.

Just like last week - for the next five days, there are no numbers in the sixes. So I consider further selling at least through the entire week. I am not looking for any improvement. enter image description here

As usual, I will avoid the Bond sector, Metals & Miners, Emerging Markets, and Real Estate.

Bottom line- for all sectors, the models have turned bearish for the next six weeks. I run similar models for my retirement accounts with Fidelity Funds, and those models, too, are more bearish and neutral than bullish.

Overall - It's A Change Down For Next 2 Trading Weeks

A lot more yellows and oranges showing up for the remainder of June. Last night's report has more light greens for the days leading up to July but as you see those light green numbers are gone. I'll assume the brakes are being applied to lead us to a summer swoon.

Sectors - As Of June 12

The bright spot is that tech and financials still have some light green numbers 4 to 5 weeks out.

Scale - 0 (very strong sell (red)) - 9 (very strong buy (green)

The report is available at look for the link to download the sample Short Term Trader Report.