Markets Overall Sectors In Particular

Energy Top Pick For The Next 30 Days.

So the overall 30-day average has improved from last week’s 3.87. This week the models give us an average of 4.22, which is still bearish. The number needs to get above 4.5 to be bullish to provide a positive outlook.

For the second week in a row, the Financial sector, scoring 3.59, has the worst 30-day average score. The U.S. Stock Market has the second worst average score at 3.77.

The Energy sector moved back to the number one spot as the sector with the most bullish number. Energy’s 30-day average score is 5.12, up from 4.27. And Biotechnology which was number one last week, is down to second with a score of 4.59, down from 4.83. With a score of 4.59, it is bearly bullish.

So, like the past five weeks, the models remain primarily bearish.