Financials The Only Bullish Sector For Next 6 Trading Weeks

In today's chart, the lightly shaded background colors indicate a neutral forecast for all the sectors. enter image description here The Financial sector has the best outlook, which should occur in the 15 to 20 day period. The computed average is 6.48. To make a genuinely bullish call, I would want the average to start in the 7s. The estimated top ETF in that category for the same period is $UYG.

Looking Out 5 Weeks - Financials Are Favorable

While the 30 Day Outlook has a lot of green for the next several days what catches my eye is the green numbers from day 22 through 25 for the Financial sector.

30 Day Outlook

Above is the Sector 30 Day Outlook from my subscriber's report. A value of 0 is considered a very strong sell, a value of 9 is considered a very strong buy.

And likewise, I am going to avoid real estate ETFs due to the orange-red numbers 14 to 17 days out.