Models Say - Financials And Real Estate Are The Best Sectors

The week ended favorably, especially with Thursday and Friday being positive. And here in North Carolina, while there have been long gas lines, the mask mandate has been lifted, so things have started to look better... especially the smiles on people's faces.

Looking at the charts, I can see the greens are getting darker. So that indicates that the overall markets should be more bullish during the latter part of June.

The Financial sector has the best outlook, which should occur in the 26 to 29 day period. The computed average is 6.38, which may be considered almost neutral. The estimated top ETF in that category for the same period is $UYG. Next is followed by the Real Estate sector with a better than average forecast for the period of 6 to 9 days out. The estimated best ETF in this sector for that period is $VNQ.

In contrast, the Energy sector has the worst outlook in the 14 to 17 day period; in this sector, $DIG may have the worst results. enter image description here