Tech, Finance and Real Estate - Midweek

The Technology sector continues to have the best prospect; which should occur in the 27 to 30 day period. The computed average is 6.28 which could be considered not quite bullish. The estimated top ETF in that category for the same period is $XLK,enter image description here the spider Technology Fund. The second-best sector is the Financial sector with a good forecast for the period of 17 to 20 The estimated best ETF in this sector for that period is $FAS, enter image description hereDirexion's Daily Financial Leveraged Bullish ETF.

In contrast, the Real Estate sector has the most underperforming outlook in the 23 to 26 day period. Note that the sector should be positive through the middle of next week and then weakens for the rest of the chart. In this sector, $IYRenter image description here (IShares Real Estate ETF) may have the worst results. The chart isn't all that horrible as it does recover at the end of the 30-day outlook.